Pools in Chile nazione_nome
Dive into Chile's spectacular private pools with Fingerpools! Famous for the granite monoliths of the Torres del Paine national park, for the colorful city Valparaiso, the tuff statues of Easter Island, the wild bays and the glaciers of Patagonia, Chile - with its 6,435 km coastline - is famous even for the frozen ocean. In Viña, for example, often happens to observe many people on the beach in the summer and very few brave people in the water. But Chile is also famous for the tzunami danger on the beaches, continuously signaled by special signs with the description of the escape routes. In short, swimming in Chile is certainly a stoic experience. Fortunately there are swimming pools. Indeed, in Santiago de Chile, there is even the largest in the world, 1 km long with an area of 77 thousand square meters. Wow!!!
But there are many other spectacular ones, which belong to luxury hotels and resorts, where you can swim because they allow paid access even to non-housed guests. Discover them now and book your favorite pool on Fingerpools!
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