Skogar (Suðurland), Iceland
  • Natural Pool


Seljavallalaug is Iceland's oldest thermal pool and, in the 25-meter-long tub, has been collecting boiling water from Eyjafjallajökull since 1923.
The color of the water varies according to the time of year and the time passed from the last maintenance.
Seljavallalaug is a little let go, but it remains an unmissable sight.


  • Large (over 80 square meters)
  • Daytime
  • Soft water
  • Thermal water
  • Parking

Wear trekking shoes.

Ask about the conditions of the path before embarking on it, it could be frozen and dangerous.


Sono sempre alla ricerca di un luogo dove fare un tuffo.

Visited in 2012



How to reach

Driving on Ring Road n 1, just before Skogar you come across road 242, Raufarfellsvergur. Follow the 242 to the parking lot of Seljavellir, where you will find indications for the path that leads to the Seljavallalaug swimming pool (15-20 minutes walk).