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Fingerpools brings you to the best Indian pools. India is magical, colorful, desperate, mystical, sultry, but above all it is immense and in many tourist areas it offers hotels with swimming pools where you can take a refreshing swim. Of course, the coast of the Indian peninsula is 5,400 km long, but it is often inhospitable: Goa, Cochin, Kerala are famous seaside destinations together with the Laccadive islands and the Andamans and for those who have courage and are in the north there is also the sacred river Ganges to dive in. But if on the coast it is not easy to find beautiful beaches, in the hinterland the possibility of a dive becomes thinner until it disappears completely. Fortunately, the swimming pools of tourist accommodation structures, which thanks to the economic boom are multiplying, and several natural pools make up for this lack.
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