Ampia piscina riscaldata a 2 passi da Varese
Daverio (varese), Italy
  • Villa / Private home
  • Wi-Fi
  • Parking
  • Heated water
  • Max. N° of people: 6


Our pool is 40 sqm and is surrounded by a wide relax area a big beach umbrella and up to 6 pool beds. The entrance into the water is trough a comfortable roman stair that can be used as solarium as well. The garden is very accurate with many lavender tree and oleander for a Mediterranean feeling.
The water is disinfected with chlorine dosing 2-3 ppm and ph is kept at 7-7.2. Our water is very safe also due to a filter system slightly over sized in comparison with the volume of the water
In our tavern we offer a private space for changing cloths and having a shower. In the same ambient we have also very suggestive Turkish bath available upon request

Suitable for

  • Families with children
  • Couples
  • Sport
  • Friends
  • Gay friendly
  • Single
  • Men only
  • Women only
  • Lgbt only
  • Over 65


  • Uncovered
  • Medium (from 40 to 80 square meters)
  • Daytime
  • Night
  • Soft water
  • Changing room
  • Lighting
  • Music


  • Wi-Fi
  • Parking
  • Heated water
  • Sunbed
  • Umbrella
  • Indoor shower

Children entry

  • Child entry from 0 to 6 years
    € 15 /per
  • Child entry from 7 to 12 years
    € 15 /per
  • Child entry from 13 to 16 years
    € 20 /per

Payment services

  • Turkish bath
    € 25 /piece

Drink & Food

  • Water
    € 1 /piece
  • Soft Drink
    € 2 /piece
  • Beer
    € 3 /piece

Each guest own the full and complete responsibility for any accident that may occur to people of object during the stay in our property
It is forbidden to jump into the water dipping from the border or from the stair
It is forbidden to scream or to listen music at high volume
It is forbidden to cook or to light any fire
Playing with a small into the garden or into the water is welcomed but assuring low noises

Guest are invited to bring own towels
In case of long hairs it is recommended to put the together


We speak Italian and German as mother tongue. Then we speak English and French currently



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