Golfo Gabella Lake Resort
Maccagno con Pino e Veddasca (Varese), Italy
  • Hotel
  • Wi-Fi
  • Heated water
  • Max. N° of people: 10


Located in Maccagno Superiore, the Golfo Gabella Lake Resort has a wonderful wooden terrace which houses an outdoor, heated, big, panoramic swimming pool with lake view and whirlpool.
The entrance includes wi-fi, sun bed and umbrella and you can use the fridge and a kitchenette for free.
For the more sporty, a lane is available to train a bit. Safety is always guaranteed by the presence of our staff.

Suitable for

  • Families with children
  • Couples
  • Sport
  • Friends
  • Gay friendly
  • Single
  • Over 65


  • Uncovered
  • Large (over 80 square meters)
  • Daytime
  • Soft water
  • Floating lanes
  • Stepladder
  • Table and chairs
  • Outdoor shower


  • Wi-Fi
  • Hydro massage
  • Heated water
  • Sunbed
  • Umbrella
  • Fridge
  • Kitchenette
  • Indoor shower

Payment services

  • Towel
    € 2 /piece

Drink & Food

  • Water
    € 2 /piece


  • First aid kit
  • Lifeguard

It’s compulsory to read these rules and regulations before using the swimming pool area.
Staff is authorized to remove people from the swimming pool area if rules are infringed;
The swimming pool is open from the 10th of April to 2nd of November.
The pool will be open 9:00-21:00 (not after the sunset) with a temperature of more than 15°;
Only the staff is allowed to open and close the swimming pool cover;
The pool will close during any severe or dangerous weather conditions;
Any doors with access to the pool area must be kept closed;
Shoes are forbidden in the pool area (only the staff can use shoes in the pool area)
It’s only allowed to use beach chairs, small tables and beach umbrellas provided by Golfo Gabella in the swimming pool area;
Beach chairs and beach umbrellas must be left in the same place they were at the beginning of the day;
It is compulsory to shower before entering the pool;
Entering the swimming pool with clothes is forbidden;
Diving and jumping into water is forbidden;
Consumption of food in the swimming pool area is forbidden;
Smoking in the swimming pool area is forbidden (except in smoking areas);
It’s forbidden to use common spaces when you are wet;
Glassware or bottles are prohibited within the pool area;
All persons using the swimming pool area are urged to cooperate in keeping the area clean by properly disposing all trash in proper receptacles;
Running and jumping in the swimming pool area is forbidden;
Pay attention not to get food splinters on the pool floor;
It’s forbidden to pass through the swimming pool area to go out from the housing complex, as well as to enter the blocks especially with suitcases, roller skates, push scooters, bikes, etc;
It’s forbidden the use of remote-controlled devices such as boats or aerial drones;
Animals (of any kind and size) are not allowed in the pool area;
Avoid making annoying noises (radio, din, long phone talks, etc);
It’s not allowed to occupy beach chairs or chairs without being present or for other people;
Leaving personal items on beds or chairs is forbidden;
Golfo Gabella is not responsible for any unsupervised objects and valuables;
Golfo Gabella is not responsible for accidents caused by users to themselves or to other users;
Children always have to be under surveillance of an adult and may not be lost out of sight;
Swimming pool equipment must be used with care and attention.
Any damage caused by improper treatment shall be reimbursed;
People whose behavior causes damages to their safety or to other users will be removed from the swimming pool area;
Access is prohibited to people with contagious diseases, lesions and open wounds. In case of doubt the staff is entitled to ask for medical certificate.
The swimming pool wooden flooring can have splinters, for this reason the use of flip flops is recommended;
The swimming pool has a lap lane, if it isn’t already in the swimming pool, please ask to the staff. It’s forbidden to stop in the lap line;
The Whirlpool has its own rules;
The use of Whirlpool is only allowed from 9:00 to 21:00;
The use of the Whirlpool must not be longer than 15 minutes;
No more than 6 people (at a time) are allowed in the Whirlpool;
For what is not contemplated in these guidelines, please refer to the condominium regulation.


The use of the waterproof nappies is compulsory for non-self sufficient users;
Access to the pool area for kids under the age of 8 is permitted only if accompanied by an adult taking full responsibility for them;
Access to the Whirlpool for kinds under the age of 12 is permitted only if accompanied by an adult;
Flotation devices or other inflatables are permitted only if this activity does not bother other users, this size must be less than 1 M in diameter. Staff may also ask that they be removed if they disturb other users or if the pool becomes too crowded;
Access to the Whirlpool is not permitted to kids under the age of 6 and less than 130 cm tall, and/or to non-self sufficient users.


Professionista dell'ospitalità e del real estate
Gestisco appartamenti e case vacanza sul Lago Maggiore sponda lombarda



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