Pools in South Africa nazione_nome
Enjoy a day in the exclusive South African pools with Fingerpools. Are you far from the coast or in the sea of Gansbaai infested with sharks? Book a pool pass and don't miss a day of sun and swim!
And if you are in some reserve, choose a "safari pool" to observe the big five without leaving the water. It is the last frontier of conscious tourism! Instead of traveling kilometers and kilometers by car for 5 consecutive days in Kruger Park or in the other parks of South Africa, you can take a break from your seat and spend a whole day of relaxation and well-being under the sun, in the stupendous swimming pool of a resort or a lodge (without staying overnight) waiting for the animals to come to you, attracted by the nice blue rectangle where you are blissfully immersed. Elephants, impalas, frogs, brightly colored tropical birds, wildebeest and warthogs. Just wait.