El Charco de la Laja
San Juan de la Rambla (Tenerife), Spain
  • Natural Pool


El Charco de la Laja is a charming site where stands a beautiful crystal clear natural swimming pool, it arises close to the sea and it was originated by ancient volcanic eruptions. The pool is protected by lava rocks and the water is transparent and clear. This type of natural depression abounds in the north of Tenerife, but El Charco seems to be one of the most charming and convenient to reach. And it is never overcrowded.

Suitable for

  • Families with children
  • Couples
  • Sport
  • Friends
  • Gay friendly
  • Single
  • Over 65


  • Large (over 80 square meters)
  • Daytime
  • Night
  • Salt water
  • Smoking allowed
  • Pets allowed
  • Presence of pets
  • Presence of animals
  • Parking

Near the parking lot and at the beginning of the staircase you will find areas for sunbathing, the bar and a few restaurants where you can refresh and recuperate.
Bring something to drink and to eat if you do not want to continue to go up and down the long staircase, because the services are only above, in the parking area.

When tide is high and sea is rough be careful to bathe: the currents and waves could push you against the rocks.
Bring sunscreen, because it is a windy area and you don’t realize how much sun you are taking.
Do not forget your hat, there's no way you find a bit of shade.


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Visited in 2012



How to reach

El Chargo de la Laja is located in northern Tenerife, on the coast of the municipality of San Juan de la Rambla. You can get to San Juan de la Rambla by car or by bus. Then, a path made of stone stairs leads near the sea. Access to the "natural spa" is very convenient and free.