Listed by Nicolò
Lago di Tenno
Tenno (Trento), Italy
  • Natural Pool


This place offers a paradoxical and wonderful scenery at the same time: it seems to be on a postcard from the Caribbean but with the mountains of Trentino around ;-). The water is fresh and it's great to dive into that blue. Tenno Lake is an excellent destination to get away from it all, immerse yourself in nature and find some peace. It is also suitable for families with children. The lake is characterized by a particularly intense blue, has a circular shape and it is possible to walk along the path that surrounds it. There is also a small island in the center that can be reached by foot in the water.
The lake is easy to reach from the road and also offers some services: there are beaches (naturally not equipped) where you can sunbathe, bathing areas where you can dive into the inviting turquoise waters and areas with benches and tables for packed lunches. A surveillance service is active in the summer months. Ah, there is also a kiosk where you can find restrooms, sandwiches, ice cream and delicious apple pies (obviously local of Trentino) at fair prices.

Suitable for

  • Families with children
  • Couples
  • Sport
  • Friends
  • Gay friendly
  • Single
  • Over 65


  • Large (over 80 square meters)
  • Daytime
  • Night
  • Soft water
  • Smoking allowed
  • Presence of animals
  • Parking
  • Shadowed areas

There is a sign indicating a series of prohibitions:
It is forbidden to camp with tents and sleeping bags, transit with motorcycles or bicycles, bring your dog (from June 1 to September 30, but this prohibition is not very much taken into consideration), lighting fires or bbq, washing the dog in the lake or on its shores, playing football, shouting or singing aloud, keeping the radio on or other devices that break the relaxation of the neighbors, wash dishes or other objects in the lake.

The path to get to the lake is not good for wheelchair users, because going down the long staircase makes it difficult.
If you can, avoid the summer Sundays, because the place gets very crowded.

If you want to reach the little isle in the middle of the lake on foot, wear suitable shoes, because the seabed is sometimes slippery and some immersed stones are pointed.
Pay attention before diving into these emerald waters. There seem to be some reels.
The lake water is rather cold, be careful of congestion and cramps.



How to reach

Lake Tenno is located in the Municipality of Tenno, a few steps from the medieval village of Canale di Tenno. Where we are? In the Alto Garda Trentino area, exactly 20 minutes by car from Riva del Garda and about an hour from Trento. From wherever you start you have to follow the signs to Tenno, then past the various villages, when the forest begins, on the road there is a parking lot (unfortunately for a fee, 7 euros for the whole day when I was there) where to leave the car. If you want to avoid payment just look a little further away from there on the other side of the road (if you find a place, because on Sunday in the middle of summer there is a lot of people). From the car park, after a few minutes on foot, the turquoise blue of the lake can be glimpsed among the green of the forest, nearby you will find a stairway to go down and go directly to its white banks (118 wide steps, recently built).