Why become a Host


Becoming a Host on Fingerpools means above all to gain in a simple, fast and safe way. How many hotels or other private structures in the world are often fully booked but their pools are not much attended? Now, with Fingerpools, you have the chance to take advantage from your pool, getting extra and immediate profit, which by the way does not include living costs whatsoever (such as change of sheets / towels, room cleaning, courtesy kit, etc.). And also, through the filters of the categories you can choose the types of Guest you are willing to accept and customize the announcement as you wish.


Becoming Host on Fingerpools means earning in a simple, fast and safe way. You can cover all the costs of maintenance of your pool and draw even more profit. It depends only on you, from the calendar you adopt, by the maximum number of people you would like to receive, and the number of Guests you accept.
How many times would you like to have more friends at your pool but you give up because it becomes a cost too high to support? With Fingerpools you can meet all the people you want, both from your territory and from other Countries, with the certainty - thanks to the feedbacks - that you are dealing with serious and responsible people or people already tested by other Users. You just want to accept female Guest? You can choose this option. You have children who are bored to play always alone in the pool? With Fingerpools you can select the category for families and accepting Guests with children, so that you can enable yours to have more fun and make new friends.


• Fingerpools allows the Host even high earnings for single event.
• The Host has the freedom to choose his tariff.
• Fingerpools provides a calendar through which manage the flow of bookings. In this way the Host has the ability to share his swimming pool only on the days and at the times it deems appropriate, including when different prices (e.g. 15 € on Monday and 19 € on Friday). You can intervene on the calendar at any time. This freedom to choose when to accept or less Guests at the pool is a great benefit for individuals, but it is even more for hotels, clubs and all the structures that have to do with public and need to handle it with flexibility.
• Fingerpools is a further gain resource than the main activity, it is a complementary and non-invasive instrument, because flexible.
• Fingerpools allows the Host to choose also additional services to be offered and the rules to be followed by the Guests.
• Hosts have full freedom to accept a reservation or not.
• Fingerpools, through the feedbacks left by other users and connections to socials, helps you understand a little who you are going to host, so that your experience is more serene since the beginning.
• Fingerpools is a way to make the Host's structure more visible on the Web.
• Finally, Fingerpools gives the Host the chance to stay up with the times, becoming a main player in the sharing economy.


If you are honest and you have a well-maintained pool, yes, you are suitable to become a Host on Fingerpools.

Why become a Guest


If you love water, swimming and diving in amazing places, you can not do without Fingerpools anymore, because it is the only web platform in the world that allows you, your friends or your family, a relaxing swim in an exclusive private pool rather than in a public overcrowded one, at an equally accessible cost.


With Fingerpools, wherever you are, you have the opportunity to discover and experience new realities of true well-being before unapproachable, such the pools of hotels and B&b (with no obligation to stay there for the night), those of sports clubs (without being registered) and those of privates (without knowing them). With Fingerpools the forbidden dive is finally possible!


Fingerpools is suitable for everyone and allows you to customize your experience at the pool; so whether you're a family with kids, a naturist, a lone traveller, a group of gay friends, a couple of lovers or an athlete, you will always find the right pool for your needs. In addition, if you love to swim at night, through the filters, you can find night pools too.


Do you love adventure? Among the ads you will also see the ones about natural pools (most of them free), with the information needed to reach them and the advices to live them better. Maybe you have got one just a few kilometres from home and you did not know! (Or if you know any, please report it to info@fingerpools.com or add it using the "Add a natural pool" function).


In the end, you can use Fingerpools even in cold weather, thanks to the ads of heated, located indoors or closable pools. There is no season, place or community that Fingerpools doesn't want to reach!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Fingerpools is the first existing international network in the world that enables owners of a pool - Hotels, Tennis Club, B&B, Privates, Golf Clubs, Farms, etc. - to share it with others earning effortlessly and having fun. And it allows who is looking for refreshment, to be able to dive in a wonderful private swimming pool, in an exclusive environment, without necessarily address the overcrowded public facilities. Fingerpools promotes global well-being of people and contributes to spread and develop a new way to travel, to live their own territory and to use private facilities. Fingerpools' mission is to "bring the sea" everywhere: in the desert, on top of a mountain or in the middle of a metropolis. And make it accessible to everyone.
In the ad publishable for free via his account, the Host provides the details and images of the pool that he offers, specifying the date and time regarding the availability, the amount of contribution requested per person (already inclusive of taxes, of the Commissions of Service and the Transaction Costs), the type of Guest admitted and any other relevant information in relation to his ad.
After choosing the pool, the Guest subscribes at the site (if he has not already done so), selects the number of participants, the ancillary services, he clicks on "BOOK" and preauthorizes the payment.
Upon receipt of the reservation request, the Host must confirm or reject this request within the reservation confirmation time (see the F.A.Q. HOW LONG DOES THE HOST TAKE TO CONFIRM MY BOOKING REQUEST?).
After that period in the absence of confirmation, the request shall be deemed rejected and it will be given notice to the Guest, whom preauthorized amounts will not be collected.
When the Host accepts the reservation, it is given immediate alert to the Guest. The booking is valid only after receiving the Confirmation of Reservation mail sent by Fingerpools.
Within 48 hours after the agreed date for the pool sharing, accessing through his account, the Guest must confirm to Fingerpools that he actually shared the pool that he booked releasing feedback in the appropriate section. After this period of time in the absence of confirmation by the Guest, it will be considered that he has tacitly confirmed the use of the pool and that he has authorized the payment.
Once the Guest has explicitly or tacitly given his consent to the payment, Fingerpools will credit the requested contribution, deducted Commissions of Service and Transaction Costs (if applicable), to the Host.
The goal of Fingerpools is constantly improving the quality of the experiences that are proposed. The information provided by Users and the feedbacks left by Hosts and Guests are the basis for the construction of a system to create and ensure trust and higher levels of safety.

The safety of Fingerpools is based on:
  • Secure Payments: Fingerpools handles payments through the payment platform Mangopay, specialized in payment solutions and processes that allow to protect both the Host, the Guest and Fingerpools, from fraudulent or incorrect behaviours.
  • Detailed profiles: we encourage Users to create detailed profiles and ads, because it improves the confidence and knowledge among Users.
  • Feedbacks: after each experience Guests and Hosts can release their feedbacks, which will be visible and useful to other Users to evaluate in which pool to go or if accommodate or not some people.
Moreover, Fingerpools is always available to provide support to Users. Just write to info@fingerpools.com.
Hosts are required to comply with safety standards and sanitation requirements of the regulations in force in the place where the pool is located.
This can lead to different standards depending on the location and the structure in which the pool is located.
In any case, much depends on the care that the Host has for his swimming pool: seeing the feedbacks is useful to make an evaluation also in terms of safety.
Fingerpools encourages the release of honest feedbacks in order to create confidence in and between the Users. Fingerpools' Hosts and Guests who shared experience in the pool write all reviews, that are important to allow other Users to understand better who hosts or who will be hosted.
Users undertake not to release feedbacks which are false, abusive, or which violate the law or the terms and conditions of Fingerpools.
To become a Host on Fingerpools just have to be adult and to own a swimming pool (outdoor, indoor, underground or elevated, fresh or salt water, warm or cold, of any shape or material) nice, cozy, well maintained and safe.

The Host must comply with the normal rules of civil cohabitation and conviviality and he must accommodate the Guest in a clean and comfortable environment.
The pool must meet the health standards and regulations in force in the place where it is located.
With Fingerpools, hospitality is a lively sense: the Host will welcome his Guests with kindness, giving them advice about the neighbourhood, the local customs and about places not to be missed.
To be a Guest of Fingerpools you just have to be an educated, respectful of others' property adult and have a valid credit card.
Yes, those who own more than one pool are free to publish more ads. To add a pool, you have to click the button "add a pool" in the section "My pools" of the reserved area and fill the form.
Yes, you just have to set the number of people during the reservation, but the person who books must pay it all with a single payment.
If you are a Host and you expect to have in your pool even persons not registered in Fingerpools there is no problem. Just remember to reserve adequate space for the Guests of Fingerpools in order to give them a relaxing experience.
If you are a Guest, before booking you can contact the Host via the internal messaging system to know if in the pool there are even persons not registered in Fingerpools (other guests, family or friends of the Host, etc.).
If there are other people, fear not: the Host shall provide a livable environment and in line with regulations.
In any case, you could take the opportunity to make new friends!
No, the Host is free to accept or decline any request of reservation.
The price must be displayed per person. To determine it you can take into account various factors such as, for example, the size or the particularity of the pool, the location, conditions, context, accessories and services included, the confidentiality, the period of time, the season, the days of the week and, not least, the prices of any facilities near you that offer the same service.
Remember also to take into account the Commissions of Service, the Transaction Costs (if applicable) and applicable taxes in the place where your pool is located.
For example, if you are a Host with current account located in a country of the SEPA area and you would like to get € 20 per person (including tax), the price to be set will be € 23.82 per person.
If you need help, Fingerpools' team can give you a hand to advise for pricing (info@fingerpools.com).
After a period of 48 hours after the agreed date for the pool sharing, Fingerpools will set the payment towards the Host.
Hosts with accounts located in countries of the Extra Sepa area or included in the blacklist of Mangopay (https://mangopay.desk.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2299163-black-listed-countries), will have to make a request of withdrawal pursuant to the terms and conditions of Fingerpools.
In consideration for its services, Fingerpools keeps Commissions of Service and any Costs of Transaction, which are deducted from the contribution requested from the Host. The Service Commissions are made up of a percentage of 16% of the contribution requested from the Host.
Users whose accounts are located in Countries of the EXTRASEPA area will be deducted additional € 2.50 on each bank transfer for Costs of Transaction.
Users whose accounts are located in Countries that appear in the blacklist of Mangopay (https://mangopay.desk.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2299163-black-listed-countries), will be reduced by the additional cost of the bank transfer for Costs of Transaction (we recommend that you make a withdrawal request to Fingerpools at achieving a minimum credit of € 100.00; in any case, Fingerpools will not do the transfer if the same were to have a higher cost than the credit matured by the Host).
Mangopay® is the focus programming interface made available to Fingerpools from MANGOPAY SA, a Luxembourg company authorized to carry on business as an electronic money institution approved by the Commission of financial sector supervision, 59, Boulevard Royal, L-2449, Luxembourg.
The payment process through Mangopay® platform allows to protect Hosts, Guests and Fingerpools from fraudulent or incorrect behaviours.
Accepting people who have not made the booking of the pool via Fingerpools, the Host runs the risk (in most States) to be legally considered a public swimming pool, with all the consequences and applicable sanctions.
The first recording must take place with email and password. Then you can also access via Facebook, but ensure that the email address associated with your Facebook account is the same with which you registered on Fingerpools, otherwise the system will not recognize you and you'll have to continue signing in with your username and password.
No problem. In the sign in section, click on the link "Forgot your password? Click here" and follow the instructions.
To delete your account please contact us at info@fingerpools.com asking us to deactivate your account, or click "Deactivate account" in your profile page.
The reservation is valid only after confirmation by the Host and the receipt of the confirmation email from Fingerpools.
The Host must confirm your reservation within 24 hours, after this period, the request will automatically lapse.
In case of events that will take place before 24 hours from the booking request or event already begun, the Guest must contact the Host via the internal messaging system of Fingerpools before booking to get the chance to know if the Host will confirm or not the booking in time to attend the event and to avoid unnecessary charges.
Fingerpools is not responsible for the vagaries of the sky. So, in case of rain or other unpleasant weather conditions (that occurred before or during the event) Fingerpools will not refund the Guest. Therefore, Fingerpools suggests - unless you have booked a covered pool - to check the weather conditions a few days before the event, so if the weather is bad you can cancel the reservation according to the operating conditions for cancellations set out in the Terms and Conditions of Fingerpools.
You can communicate with the Host through the internal messaging system of Fingerpools.
The data that other Users can view are your name, the description of yourself that you provide, the feedbacks about you, the pictures you upload and, if you are a Host, the city where the pool is located and the announcement connected. Also, once the booking is confirmed, surnames and telephone numbers of the Guest and Host will be given.
Obviously, the Guest will also be provided with the full address of the pool to reach it.
The full address of the pool will be provided to you in the email of confirmation of the reservation.
Booking an experience or communicating outside of Fingerpools is prohibited by the terms and conditions of use, it makes harder for us to protect your data and exposes you to a greater risk of fraud or other security problems. In addition, the protections that Fingerpools reserves to each User become not applicable, in particular the cancellation and refund policies.
In addition, if you go to the pool without Fingerpools, you might not be admitted because, in most States, the Host could be legally considered a public swimming pool, with all the consequences and appropriate sanctions.
If someone asks you to communicate or pay outside of Fingerpools, please report it immediately at info@fingerpools.com.
In the absence of reservation you can communicate with the Guest only if he contacted you first.
In case of booking to be confirmed or confirmed booking, you can communicate with the Guest via the messaging system of Fingerpools.
Booking an experience or communicating outside of Fingerpools is prohibited by the terms and conditions of use, it makes harder for us to protect your data and exposes you to a greater risk of fraud or other security problems. In addition, the protections that Fingerpools reserves to each User become not applicable, in particular the cancellation and refund policies.
In addition, if you go to the pool without Fingerpools, you might not be admitted because, in most States, the Host could be legally considered a public swimming pool, with all the consequences and appropriate sanctions.
If someone asks you to communicate or pay outside of Fingerpools, please report it immediately at info@fingerpools.com.
You can communicate with other Users with the language you prefer, as long as you understand each other.
It is known that English is the most used language online.
No, it is not mandatory, but to increase the chances of booking we suggest to translate your ads in English.
You can write to Fingerpools in the following languages: Italian, English, French and Spanish.
For now, you'll get an answer only in Italian or English.
Photos and descriptions are very important.
Be sure to photograph your pool on a beautiful sunny day, make several shots from different angles, trying to enhance the beauty of the pool and of the surrounding context.
The better the photo, the more you'll tempt Guests to book your pool.
Even the content of the ad is important: write a detailed description of the pool and of the location, with a few words about yourself and about the surroundings. Some curiosity always takes hold.
Of course! There is a special section of the ad where you can specify the rules that your Guests must respect (e.g. ban on dips, ban to consume food and drink in the water, etc.).
In the field there are several national, regional and local regulations. In some cases, restrictions or needs to meet special requirements exist. It is Host's liability to inquire about any law (including tax) in force in the place where the pool is located and to respect them.
The responsibility of the Host (and of the Guest) does not change because of the fact that he is using Fingerpools. It is Host's liability to provide a safe environment, free from dangers, but it is also responsibility of the Guest to be careful not to jeopardize their own and others' safety with risky behaviours (diving too bold near the edges, running in slippery areas, attitudes generally rude, extreme or aggressive, etc.).
Remember that the responsibilities of Fingerpools are exclusively limited to the management of payments.
Not all Hosts have a legal obligation to have a lifeguard at the pool.
The presence of a lifeguard is therefore reported to the Guest in the advertisement of the pool.
You think you've forgotten something at the pool? Or you're a Host and you found some personal belongings of a Guest at your own pool? Get in touch with each other and try to find a way to solve the issue. At the same time, report it at info@fingerpools.com.
Send an email in Italian, English, French or Spanish to info@fingerpools.com. We will respond as soon as possible (for the moment in Italian or English)!


Welcome to the help section, dedicated to Users support.
For any problem concerning the registration phase, unsubscribing, refunds, payments, site operations, reports, etc. please read our FAQ and if you do not find the answer, please fill out the form below or send us an email at info@fingerpools.com.


Lost & Found

You think you've forgotten something in the pool? Or you're a Host and you found some personal belongings of a Guest at your own pool? Get in touch with each other and try to find a way to resolve the issue. Meanwhile, advise us at info@fingerpools.com.

Add a Natural Pool

The world is full of wonderful natural pools. Maybe one of them is right next to your house and you don't know it! If you know one instead, send us a photo and write to info@fingerpools.com and, after acquiring the necessary information, we will put the pool in the dedicated section. If you wish to insert the pool by yourself, subscribe to Fingerpools.
Help Fingerpools to bring the "sea" everywhere for real!